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Dec 8, 2012 11:00pm PST
-ringing on campus this holiday but are collecting clothing donations and student government wants it to stop. >> during the holiday salvation army bell ringers can be seen and heard collecting donations across the bay area. no bell ringers on uc berkeley's campus but there is this. two clothing donation boxes in front of a dorm and many don't like it one bit. >> i think it's very problematic that the salvation army is presented in such a prominent way. >> student senator recently voted in favor of a campus resolution to remove the donation boxes. >> we think they should be replaced with an organization like the goodwill that doesn't discriminate based on sexual orientation. >> the university student government association believes the salvation army is antigay with a long history of discrimination. last summer an official with the charity told an australian radio show that according to scripture, gays must die. >> we have been suppliesed. i didn't know they were antigay, homophobics. >> many students support the move to ban the salvation army, but nick says no. he wants the books to stay. >>
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm PST
be concerned that the tax deduction for chair writ believe a giving would be cut saving the government money. private wealth advisor says it can make sense to get more bang for your donation buck. it would help charities this year, but people may be less generous in years to come. >> people who would like to donate some this year and potentially some next year may try to double up and donate more this year. >> but the uncertain financial future is also causing fear. >> and many people are afraid to make any move, so then there is paralysis because if you don't know what is coming and you try to stay as liquid as you can. we try to hold on to what we have. you are not as willing to donate or spend in general. >> st. anthony's is seeing this as well. >> some of the people who traditionally have given us end of year stock donations. we are seeing about half of those coming through. joy st. anthony's -- >> st. anthony's is optimistic their donors will come through. >> it is thr is a real sense of compassion. >> and he agrees. he says some wealthy people may donate less if it benefits them less.
Dec 9, 2012 11:00pm PST
. they are both being very quiet. david curly, abc news, the white house. >> the federal government is already planning for the possibility of cuts. the white house has ordered the military to plan on slashing $500 billion from the budget over the next 10 years. federal funding for schools would be cut 8.2%ment some ideas to be considered include eliminating the tax deduction for charitable contributions and not allowing the homeowners to write off mortgage payments. >>> people spent the day digging out from the first big snowfall to hit the area. this video from fargo, north dakota shows snow falling at the rate of an inch an hour. several inches of snow fell across the dakotas and minnesota and wisconsin. that kept road crews busy plowing streets and keeping traffic moving. >> the first few shifts are hard, but you get into a routine and you get used to it and it is just the way it is. >> these minnesota vickings fans braved blizzard-like conditions and tailgated before the snow fell against the chicago bears. the fans warmed up once it started. that's because they played their home game in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3